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Inform@Risk Wiki

Documentation for a Landslide Early Warning System designed for informal settlements

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The Project Inform@Risk aims towards a safer life for the inhabitants of the barrio Bello Oriente on the eastern border of the city of Medellín, Colombia.
Being built on a landslide prone area the barrio has suffered from multiple mass movements in the recent past, luckily none of them fatal. To keep it that way, the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research has funded the project in order to develop and install a landslide early warning system, that can be reproduced in other places in the Andean region. Therefore, the system has to be low-cost, easy in maintenance and especially flexible.
To achieve all these goals the project consists of several Colombian and German universities, institutes and companies with different expertise such as geology, landscape architecture, satellite based moni-toring and data processing.

This website is part of the project Inform@Risk, which produced a blueprint for an integrated landslide early warning system for informal settlements. This wiki provide information about how a measurement systen for such an application can look, as well as instructions on how such a system can be reproduced. For now, the Wiki is available in English and Spanish.

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